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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

General Information

1. In respect to business relations of all types between Signature Audio and its customers, the following General Terms and Conditions of Business hold true in their legally valid versions, respectively. Divergent conditions or general business practices of the customer have no legal validity unless a written agreement has been negotiated elsewhere.

2. Signature Audio reserves the right to deny the promised service subsequent to determining that the goods are no longer available, both 1) after contractual settlement and 2) although a corresponding hedging transaction has been concluded. In such a case, the customer will be notified immediately. All reciprocations and considerations of any kind provided by the customer beforehand will be reimbursed without delay. It is then excluded that further legal claims be raised by the customer against Signature Audio.


1. Delivery occurs at the customer's own risk. As soon as the goods have been entrusted to a transportation company by Signature Audio, the risk automatically transfers to the customer.

2. All prices are in cash, including value-added tax/sales tax, as well as other ensuing charges for packaging, handling and transportation.

3. The goods should be examined immediately after delivery by the customer or an authorized individual to detect any transportation damages. Detectible transportation damages are to be reported without delay in written form. Packaging damages are to be confirmed in written form by the transportation company upon delivery.

4. In general, any information concerning delivery dates is not legally binding, unless a definite date of delivery has been set in writing.

5. Claims for damages against Signature Audio arising from non-fulfillment of contract or delay are excluded to the extent neither premeditation nor gross negligence can be established.

Rights of Refund

1. The customer has the possibility to return all articles from our current assortment without reason and within 7 days. The goods must be returned to Signature Audio in orderly condition, without signs of wear and exempted from all third party claims. Punctual return is sufficient in order to satisfy legal deadlines.

2. Rights of refund can only be exercised through the return of the goods. The refund deadline begins with the reception of the delivery by the customer.

3. Rights of return are to be considered forfeited if the goods have been manufactured according to the order of the customer.

4. Should the customer make use of refund rights, Signature Audio has the right to demand an appropriate compensatory payment for the period of time during which the goods remained in possession of the customer.

5. Furthermore, customers exercising their rights of refund must compensate Signature Audio for any diminishment in value or for the complete value of the goods, to the extent the customer was not able to return the goods in orderly condition, as the customer is responsible for the ruination, perishability or other deficiency of the delivered wares. This does not hold true in respect to the ruination of goods whose damaged condition was caused exclusively by a standard examination, as would have been possible in a normal shop. Moreover, the duty of value compensation can be avoided by not making use of the article as the proper owner would, and by refraining from any activity which would reduce the value of the article.

6. The returned goods are to be sent to address given once contacted.

7. In the 7 Day Money back Period Signature Audio is not liable to return any shipping costs to customers.

8. All returns should be authorized by Signature Audio to agree in principle the nature of the return. On receipt of the returned item Signature Audio will confirm the exact refund due to the customer, dependant upon the above points.

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